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Why live in Rancho Estates Mobile Home Community in Fernley, NV

Living in a mobile home community offers many benefits, although the most notable one is this: You get your own home that’s way more affordable than a stick-built house without skimping on quality. In fact, a recent survey has shown that on average, mobile homes cost 15-20% less than traditional houses with the same features and construction materials. 


Some mobile home communities, like Rancho Estates in Fernley, Nevada, even take manufactured homes to the next level by offering amenities like playgrounds, a shared garden, and RV storage.


Top 6 benefits of living in Rancho Estates Mobile Home Park: 

Whether you’re raising a family or you are a young employee with an emerging career, or a senior looking for a tight-knit community with excellent amenities, Rancho Estates is the perfect neighborhood if you’re looking for the benefits mentioned below. 


Affordable housing option 

Even though the mobile home park is an affordable housing option, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. At Rancho Estates, our homes meet HUD’s strict safety standards and building codes to protect homeowners. 


Furthermore, our lot rents are also lower compared to most apartment complexes in cities (especially when you account for mortgage payments and property taxes). 


Quality living 

We partner our affordable housing with quality living by including shared amenities like playgrounds, a community garden, an RV storage, etc. Our goal is to create a tight-knit community that caters to the needs of young families, retirees and anyone who wants to live in a quiet and safe neighborhood.


Aside from shared amenities, Rancho Estates is also notable for its stunning mountain views. Tucked into West Fernley and along Highway 80, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of city and rural life. 


More space and privacy 

One of the downsides of city living is that you’re forced to live in close quarters due to the rising housing cost. Fortunately, our quaint mobile home community offers more space and privacy without you having to break the bank. 


And with more space and privacy, you also enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful life.


Strategic location 

Rancho Estates combines the best of both worlds–i.e., a peaceful suburban area that’s great to raise a family or retire while at the same time offering an easy commute to Reno, a city known for its vibrant casino and tourism industry. 


Community-centered amenities 

Our playgrounds and shared gardens promote social interaction between neighbors. Plus, they are a great way to motivate residents to live a more active lifestyle.


Rules & regulations to keep our community in pristine condition

Storz Management Company, which operates and manages dozens of mobile home communities, including Rancho Estates, ensures that the neighborhoods are clean, quiet and safe for all residents. 


How to become part of this quaint mobile home community?

If living in a clean and tight-knit mobile home community sounds appealing to you, why not schedule an appointment for a site tour? You can also leave a message here to learn more about our quaint neighborhood located at 570 W. Main Street, Fernley, NV 89408. 

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