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Is Fernley, Nevada a Good Place to Live?

Stunning river and mountain range in Nevada

Is Fernley, Nevada a Good Place to Live?

Fernley is a small city in Nevada that has been attracting new residents over the past five years thanks to its economic growth, new housing developments, and numerous green patches that make this ideal for anyone who loves nature. It is also near lakes, streams, and rivers that are perfect for fishing, boating, and other water sports activities.


Economic Opportunities

Established in the early 1900s, Fernley used to be an agricultural and ranching community near Reno. But since the mid-sixties when the Nevada Cement Company opened its door in the area, it began its steady transition to an industrial hub, which has paved the way for the booming Fernley Nevada real estate market.


Nowadays, the biggest employers in the city are from the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics industries, with many economists predicting that it is set to be the epicenter of distribution for the state in the next coming years.


The manufacturing industry is also experiencing growth in the city, with multiple companies making it their home due to its convenient location (i.e., close proximity to Interstate 80) a growing population of skilled workforce.


Some of the corporate giants that call Fernley their home include Amazon, UPS Worldwide Logistics, Inc., Trex Company, World Color Corp., Wal-Mart Stores, Allied Signals, Johns Manville, Agru America, Nevada Cement Company, and Lowe’s Companies.


Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in Fernley is lower than the national average (5.4% vs. 5.8), and has posted positive job growth in recent months. Another bonus is the lower poverty rate compared to the national average.


Livability of Fernley

According to citytistics.com, the city’s overall livability score is above average when the cost of living, education, crime, and resident’s overall happiness are taken into account.


The survey also showed that the cost of living in Fernley is lower than the national average when these factors are calculated: housing cost, healthcare, grocery bills, utilities, transportation, and other services.


In terms of education, Fernley also has a good ranking based on public school graduation rates, teacher-to-student ratios, student/parent reviews, and enrollment rates.


Another bonus of living in Fernley is the significantly lower crime rates compared to other rural areas, making it particularly attractive to young families who want to raise their children in a safe, tight-knit community.


Population and Demographics

According to the most recent survey (2019 US Census), the residential population is around 21,500 and has a median age of 34.8, younger than the average national age.


Another notable demographic trend is the high concentration of families (vs. single residences), representing over 75% of the population. This might be due to the city’s tight-knit communities, recreational parks, and new housing developments that attract young families.


Meanwhile, the homeownership rate is around 80%, notably higher than the national average which is only 66%.


Things to Do

Despite having a small-town vibe, Fernley offers many activities and exciting places to visit thanks to its convenient location. For instance, it only takes a 30-60 minute drive to the Buckland Station, Pony Express Station, Fort Churchill, Native American Petroglyphs, and Virginia City.


Due to Fernley’s proximity to Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Lahontan Reservoir, and Walker Lake, this small city also attracts nature lovers, fishing and hunting enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.


However, you don’t have to go outside the city to enjoy a green space because it houses 10 community parks that include baseball and softball fields, rodeo grounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a skate park.


Other recreational areas you may want to visit include Desert Rose RV Park, Fernley Raceway, 18-hole Desert Lakes Golf Course, paintball gaming facility, and ATV racetrack.


Fernley Nevada Weather

The city has a semi-arid climate with abundant sunshine, and light snow and rainfall. May, June, and September are considered to be the most pleasant months, while December and January are the least comfortable.


On average, the city gets 253 sunny days annually, while the national average is 205 days. In terms of rainfall and snow, it gets 5 inches of rain and 11 inches of snow per year, compared to the national average of 38 inches and 11 inches, respectively.

Winter low (January): 21 degrees Fahrenheit
Summer high (July): 94 degrees Fahrenheit


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