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Little Cowboy trick-or-treating in Fernley, NV

Easy DIY Western-Style Halloween Costumes

If you want to dress up for a Halloween party but you’re not really into a spooky look, your best bet is the Western-style costumes. The good thing about them is that most likely, you already have most of the wardrobe pieces, which of course, can save you a ton of money. 


Here, we compiled a list of some easy DIY Western-style Halloween costumes great for trick-or-treating on the mobile home community’s street. 


Rodeo Outfits for Kids


You can easily create skirts, chaps, and vests by cutting patterns out of faux leather. Meanwhile, you can hot glue rhinestones around their edges and sew around 2 inches of white pleater to create fringes for additional details. 


And for the hats, wear any brown or black sombrero with a small or medium-wide brim. You can also add details such as a red or black hanky tied around it. 


Finish off the look with a three-quarter sleeve white shirt, a pair of killer boots, and arguably the most important–a flashy belt with an iron or copper buckle. 


Old West Painting for Adults 


Print out an “Old West” portrait and cut a hole in it for your face. This is a great DIY Halloween costume for people out there who need a last-minute ensemble. 


Farmer Costume for Kids and Adults 


For this ensemble, you need denim overalls, a plaid long-sleeved shirt, and most important of all–a wide grin to welcome the holiday season. 

Cute Prairie Custom for Girls 


For this cute girls’ costume, you’ll need a white long-sleeved shirt, long floral skirt, waist apron, and prairie bonnet. 


Ideally, the waist apron and prairie bonnet are of the same color (or fabric). Fortunately, these are relatively easy DIY projects, although another option is to purchase them online if you have no patience or time to make them from scratch. 

Wrangler Cowgirl Costume for Girls and Ladies


This is arguably the easiest DIY Halloween costume because it uses common wardrobe pieces such as a white, long-sleeve shirt (ideally with snaps), old faded jeans, a red bandana (tied loosely around your neck), a pair of killer boots, a faux leather cowboy hat, and the “right” hairstyle–either braided pigtails or traditional pigtails. 


If you want to add more details to your costume, cut several thin strips of brown suede that should be at least six inches long. Then, using hot glue, attach them on each outer side of the leg of your jeans.

Gunslinger Costume for Adults 


This costume needs a belt and holster for your fake gun, a black long-sleeve shirt, a pair of black faux leather gloves, killer black boots, and a black cowboy hat.


And if you want to play the sheriff, simply slap a metal star on your chest. 

Cowboy/Cowgirl on a Horse 


To make a cardboard horse, cut the top off a large box and create a hole large enough for your kid to fit through. Then, turn it upside down, so the hole is on the top; this will serve as the animal’s main body. 


For the neck, use a medium box (a shoebox will do) and attach it vertically before you put its head, also made of a box, although slightly bigger and is positioned horizontally. 


To create a pair of ears, cut a pattern shaped like a leaf cut in half. Then, attach them to each side of the head. 


Once everything is secured, paint the horse white with large spots of brown. Once dry, add strips of brown ribbons, fabrics, felt, or whatever is at hand to create its mane and tail. 


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