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Tips on How To Install a Porch on a Mobile Home


5 Reasons To Downsize Your Home

A couple downsizing their things and moving to a mobile home

In a world where the average American home size has increased by nearly 1,500 square feet since the 1970s, downsizing may seem like a crazy idea. But think about it: if you’re selling your home and planning to buy another one, will you want less space?  Probably not—but as it turns out, there are other […]

6 Tips on Moving to a Small Town

woman moving to small town in America

You know you’re living in a small town when the biggest excitement revolves around a local high school football team that has probably never won a game. There’s also not much to do after dark unless you enjoy sitting at home and reading or playing board games. In fact, some may even call living in […]

Mobile Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Check for leaks in your mobile home plumbing

Plumbing problems in mobile homes can be especially challenging since maintenance is often required in hidden or hard-to-access places. Plumbing problems can also be more prevalent in mobile homes since they serve as primary residences and are often located in tight spaces. Depending on the issue and the severity of the problem, you may be […]

Western US Mobile Home Community Perks

Mobile home on the way to western United States

If you live in the western part of the US and are looking to downsize to smaller living quarters, a mobile home may be the perfect solution for you. These homes are affordable and provide many benefits, such as being more eco-friendly and affordable than owning a regular home. Even if you’re not ready to […]